Zero Japan USA

Round Teapots - Choose Your Color​

Timeless Design

Our signature item, Bee House Teapots, have been cherished by tea drinkers all over the world for more than 20 years. Their classic elegance has remained the same since the day they were initially designed in 1988. The design is minimal yet with functionality is deeply thought-out in its details. They are made to pour comfortably with just one hand – the corner of each lid is attached to the pot with a clip so it does not come off while pouring tea.  


Thoughtful Materials

Our high quality clay, rich in iron, has a low transference of heat. This allows our ceramic teapots to retain heat and keep your tea at perfect drinking temperature for a longer period of time than the leading glass teapots.  The material is also dishwasher safe, and the teapot is microwavable if you remove the lid. 


Color Variation

Just as we all have our favorite flavor of tea, we want you to be able to choose a color that most resonates with you. We offer our teapots in 30 different colors, both subtle and vibrant, to brighten up your kitchen and let you start the day – feeling like yourself.