Sugar / Salt Box

Cypress Sugar /Saltbox – (Let Your Sugar /Salt Breathe) 

We added a unique sprinkle to the traditional sugar /saltbox. Its lid is made from Hinoki wood (Japanese cypress) which allow the sugar /salt to “breathe” while keeping the exterior odor away.  Compared to open containers like sugar /salt pigs, it is easier to refill, access, and protect the sugar /salt from kitchen splatter and from clumping in humid condition.  

Our comfortable carry-handle lets you maneuver with ease, with one hand, when you’re seasoning your dish or salting a pot of boiling water (in a hurry!). With the attached flip-lid, you never have to accidentally lose it or leave the salt exposed to food debris. It sits nicely on the counter with your other kitchen containers as it is space-conscious for its capacity, not to mention it’s visually flattering. Choose the color that best fit the flavor of your kitchen! 

  • The lid is made out of Hinoki tree (Japanese cypress) to keep the odor away. 
  • Ceramics keep the salt free of moisture, chemicals, dust, and food splash. 
  • The flip-open lid for easy access & refill. 
  • Carry-handle for effortless maneuvering. 
  • Space efficient. 
  • Available in 5 colors.