MINO is the name which refers to the southern area of Gifu prefecture, and the region has been the site of ceramic production since the 7th century.  The ceramics produced in Mino, both traditional and modern, is referred as “Minoyaki (Mino ware).” 

The Gifts of Nature

Mino’s natural environment offers the most suitable elements to produce the ceramic ware:

Refined Clay :

Mino region is rich in high quality, iron-rich clay used for the ceramics.  

Rich in Water:

To refine the clay out of sand, water is essential. Being surrounded by Kiso river and Hida river, The region is also rich in water. This made it possible for the Mino region to produce ceramics more efficiently and in a larger volume than other regions.  

Mountainside Kiln:

Since Mino is a mountainous region, its slopes are ideal for making climbing kilns. Although the equipment has been modernized, these kilns carved into the mountainside have been in use from the mid-Meiji era (about 1890) until the present day.


Every Zero Japan product is carefully perfected by the hands of Mino craftsman. From initial molding to final glazing and fit & finish of lids to pots, a long history of attention to detail is evident.